Company Contact Phone FAX Email Website Notes
THE UPS STORE Detroit Devyani and Parimal 313.963.7080
PAKMAIL - Ferndale Bob and Matthew 248.543.3097 248.543.5236
THE UPS STORE Southfield Keenan 248.559.1690 248.559.5884
Company Contact Phone FAX Email Website Notes
PLYCON TRANSPORT Mike Email for Online Ship Quotes INTERSTATE & INTERNATIONAL.. online ship quotes
ART PACK SERVICES INC. Gary 248.478.8946 248.478.9588 INTERSTATE. Custom service, high value & large items
ON THE GO EXPEDITING LLC Deonte 734.773.7724
McCALLUM MOVING Michigan Movers Piano Specialty 586.776.7898 586.777.4089
Antique Delivery LLC Harold 207.469.5363 Everywhere East of San Antonio
DuMouchelles Art Gallery  409 East Jefferson Ave.  Detroit, Michigan 48226  United States
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